you took me to the opera
and the singer was far away
it was like the circus
but with people who could pay
i liked it when you touched my hand
but i didn't like the singing
why do women wear fur coats
and why do they think they're winning
-- from The Opera

i painted you a picture
with blood and diet coke
and ashes made of hemlock
and love made out of smoke
i painted you a picture
with gin and turpentine
and pages torn from notebooks
and salt and iodine
-- from Blood and Diet Coke

"I Put My Tongue On the Window is packed with driving, swirling grooves, and haunting atmospheres. Lyrically, the album is quirky and poetic, the kind of album that makes you want to sit and pour over the liner notes while you listen. The title track is powerfully and artfully urgent. ...tough drums, moog synth, electric guitar, and big reverb violin. ...Boy with a Fish cook up some edgy food for thought." ~ 'Round Magazine

"The title track is gloriously spacious with much more than a nod towards the mighty Talking Heads! I can almost imagine Byrne in his big suit doing a cover of this song and waving his arms around psychotically - it's hard for me to give a more fitting tribute. The hypnotism in this song is intense and mesmerizing!...This is up there with the very best material I've listened to this year ... superb stuff!" ~ Neil Thomas, Indie Music Digest, where the album was nominated for CD of the Year